Thursday, 2 May 2013

The RNLI "Rescue" video

This made me chuckle alot!

Apparently I was "Unable" to get into Aberaeron due to broken engine... Reality was yes the engine was down, but I was already tacking into harbour and felt ok with doing this. I had radioed Milford Haven in the morning so when i Updated them to say i was heading back with engines down thier words were...
"Please confirm engine down, sailing back to aberaeron over"
"Correct over"
"Well, Newquay inshore lifeboat is out on exercise on the moment, if you don't mind it would be a great help to them if they could practise towing and it would make us happier  if they took you back to harbour, over"
"Well as you asked so nicely, over"

To which Newquay ILB came to assist, although i was fine on my own.

Anyways thats by the by... Here's the video they've put up... and Please help the cause and donate to them if you can...




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