Monday, 29 April 2013

Journey Update

To all who are following the travels of the Golden Cloud.

You may have heard on the grape vine that somethings happened, you may have not. 

Basically the Journey Ynyslas Mid Wales, to Newport, Isle of Wight (~500nm) started early with a perfect weather window coming to the welsh coast. An opportunity too good to miss I took it. I left Ynyslas on April 25th, and The Dovey Estuary on the morning of the 26th with Harry Toland as crew for the first leg.

We successfully navigated heavy seas and the dangers of Aberdovey Bar, Borth/Ynyslas Sands, Wallog Sarn, Castle Rocks, and Aberystwyth Bar getting into Aber Marina for 11am. After a day of sorting out bits and bobs that had been shown up by the first passage I headed again south on the 27th of april this time towards Aberaeron will Ally Evans as crew. Successfully docking up at about 11am again I planned an overnight stop here before heading onto Fishguard as my first single handed and longest leg so far (30nm). On the morning of the 28th I untied at 7.45am and headed into open sea.

About 200ft from the harbour entrance my infamously "indestructible, reliable" engine stopped. I locked autohelm for offshore and raised sails and heaved too, before trying to find the issue. Unable to rectify the issue I turned back toward aberaeron and radioed Milford Coastguard informing them i wouldn't make Fishguard as i'd told them i would in the morning, and I would be returning into Aberaeron under sail as my engines had died. I told them i was comfortable entering the harbour under sail and it was not a Mayday or a Pan Pan

Milford Coastguard said that Newquay RNLI were on a training exercise anyway and would like to offer me a tow as it would help in training. Who was i to refuse!

Safely back along side in the evening Mick from Ynyslas boatyard came into help rectify the issues and we found issues in the fuel system and the gasket. Unable to get her running again I called the SABB dealer in Teignmouth on the morning of the 29th who has advised me on how to rectify the issue. 

I have been kindly offered accomodation with family friends and i'm well. However my phone, and laptop have water damage and as such I am unable to reply to any calls or texts.

If you would like to contact me please use my facebook, twitter or email me at joeberpearce@yahoo.co.uk

As with before I aim to raise money for the good causes you see above in my blog. In light of the help the RNLI gave me yesterday I urge you to help this valuable life saving volunteer service.  To do so please visit https://rnli.org/donateorbecomeamember/Pages/One-off-Donation.aspx 

Many thanks for everyones concern and advice.


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