Saturday, 11 May 2013

Fishguard day 4/5

On the 4th day i was woken by Billy preparing to leave. It's a long walk to the Train station, and I had said i'd walk with... however, Billy said I was ok to go back to sleep... and who was I to argue!

As the day progressed I got to work with various little tasks about town, abit of food shopping, looking if the chandlerers could mend my faulty radio, going for a swim. In the Afternoon I came back to the quay to find Golden Cloud being bashed into the Quay wall with the ferocious wind which had started early... Awaiting the arrival of the new Crew in Rachel Parker, I tried to wait as long as possible, until a final bang put me over the edge. Soon we were untied and ready to leave. Just as I prepared a lovely albeit Plastic yacht came in behind me. Seeing the boats majestic beauty i offered my tyres to protect her hull... they were gladly taken!

Underwater Rubbish  now wanted by a second boat of much higher standards!

I then walked the cloud up into the corner of the harbour and with one stout push pushed her nose in and her bum out. A shot of the engine reversed me out in magnificent professionalism. Soon I was across the bay and  anchoring in my new little cove... a sandy beach in the lee of Fishguard town still within the harbour. As evening came in I rigged up the 3 anchors and a pully from the kayak to shore, so as Rachel could pull herself across if required.

Soon a large majestic old working boat arrived, I believe I later found out to be an East Coast Smack, we'd seen it out in the bay sheltering for some time but tonight they were staying on the Quay wall... I'm glad i'd moved off wouldnt like to be near that!!!

So, safely anchored, I tootled over to the quay and met the friends on the "plastic" boat, who although half way thru dinner welcomed me in with open arms and a can of cider. Once dinner was finished we all jumped aboard the big old ship and had a nosey. Sarah and Stu of "plastic" seemed to know the people of the old wooden boat, Sarah having history in old old wooden ships. Just as i'd settled down in the brilliant scenery of the old boat I got a txt from Rachel saying she'd be in Fishguard soon so I ran back to the boat and prepared dinner.

Soon she was on the kayak and pully system  and Aboard. Tuna Curry for dinner and a game of Monopoly (which i won by £1500) and an early night.

In the morning we woke to the boat drying out on the beach. We then donned our survival suits and headed up to town to see the sights of fishguard.

We looked like right pillocks but had big smiles on our faces and warm dry clothes... unlike the rest of Fishguard.

First we went up to the Town Hall to use the toilets, before going through the town Market ...apparently looking inappropriately dressed...
Rachel getting out the boat in her Muck Boots... Majestically

From the market we went to a little cafe called "The Pantry" for brunch. The couple who run it were fantastically kind and friendly, while they and other customers seemed very interested in our journey. We wrote oue postcards for family and friends, before getting ready to leave after lovely tea and pastys. On realising we'd made quite a puddle in the shop we appologised profusely and left.

From here we walked on to Goodwick to try to sort out train tickets for rachel's return trip. You wouldnt believe how bad the weather was walking across the 
open Goodwick Marsh area. Horizontal Monsoonal Rains. On the plus side we found a small helterskelter which in our onezie suits and the torrential rain was super speedy!!

Miserable Goodwick

And so we trudged down to the ferry terminal only to find that u cannot buy or pick up tickets for trains in fishguard, only in Haverford West - 15 miles away! Not really an option when ur on foot/boat.

So back we went towards the boat. we stopped at tesco for supplies befpre we split - Rachel to go swimming me back to the boat - and almost instantly the day changed dramatically to significantly better weather! Thank God for that!

Rachel with food in the rain

I can see clearly now the rain has gone

The old old wooden ship

The Plastic Boat on the Quay

GC on her beach

In the afternoon Rachel Returned (swimming pool was booked) and so she went for a kayak around the coast instead, while i got on with some maintenance work on the boat. Big thankyou to Ally Evans here who gave an old wet suit for use as seals on GC but so far unused for purpose it fitted rachel for her kayak!

As evening came i collected up my chart work materials and we headed off to the Ship Inn once more, meeting Stu and Sarah enroute to chat through leg to Milford. The Guys lent me thier pilot book and we settled down to a beverage, with a lovely chat to add to it with the fab people who were also frequenting the bar. As 1030 came we finished off our drinks and Rachel anf i headed back to GC. Unfortunatly when we arrived we found that the tide was too low for the kayak and too high to walk across, so we trudged up the hill to the Royal Oak pub in upper town for a nice half and some (very salty) crisps...

Another great day and time for bed.

Nos da 

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  1. Hi. Saw the article in the Western Mail ( Tuesday 18th June). I have just been reading your blog. So glad you made it home safely. It was lovely to meet and talk with you. We are the people that gave you shelter on that very wet day in The Pantry Fishguard ( and left a big puddle on the floor, but it was worth it to hear about your adventure)!