Thursday, 9 May 2013

Fishguard Day 3 WW

Golden Cloud - Fishguard, Pembrokeshire

I feel sooo tired, my feet are warn and  my eyes are struggling to stay open. But a glass of Golden Nectar and Billy's chipper conversation returns the smile to my face.

Tonight we dine in The Fishguard Bay Hotel... a lovely Edwardian country manor hotel, not by choice but because every eatery from The Golden Cloud in Lowertown to this establishment 3 miles away is not serving food.
Fishguard Bay Hotel
This evening is also the last night I spend with Billy Whitehouse, he's crewed for me for a few days and its be fantastic, some of the best days of my life. The First 24 hrs with the disappointment of missing the morning tide and the high seas was very hard. But the Un-timetabled Fantastic time we've had seeing Fishguard has been second to none!

This morning we woke on our gorgeous desert beach, the sound of the boat scratching the bed rose me and I adjusted the lines so we didn't land ontop of a discarded oil barrel (despite being deserted 3 tyres and a barrel sat beneath the waves. I did my best to clean and up cycle taking the tyres as fenders for the boat)
Two Tyres fished from the sea

Once the tide receded far enough to paddle ashore I sloshed ashore and set a small fire and cooked billy and I fried eggs. After this we set to work doing some painting on the boat, and cleaning the mud/seaweed slime off the hull. Billy did an ace job of painting the name to the side I didn't get chance to do the other day. While i painted the toe rail and washed the hull. I must say she looked fantastic in the sun, azure waters with her flags and bunting.

Once the tide returned we sailed over to Fishguard ferry harbour to see if it was easily possible to drop billy off for his train tomorrow. Sailing over Goodwick sands we made use of the moveable design Sonar transducer rig, me and Mick designed. Basically instead of bolting the transducer in the hull or on the back of the boat i lashed it to a pole so when entering shallow areas u can hold it at the front of the boat so you know its shallow before you hit it. Were as traditional fixed sonars are normally further back and so only tell you once you've hit!

After this we sailed back into Lower town harbour, and moored up, once again with a anchor and a bow line to try to keep me off the wall, the afternoons high winds showed this was time well spent.

Once we'd rigged up and settled down it was soon time for dinner and so me and billy set off for town. Knowing The Ship of lower town only did Drink we continued up the hill. 11 pubs either closed, for sail, not serving food and a 3 mile walk later we made it to The Fishguard Bay Hotel. Here we joined hoards of pensioners on a coach trip from Great Yarmouth to relax in its once regal surroundings. At the bar we asked if they were still serving food, as the barman stuttered we cried our sob story to make sure we wouldnt have to walk back to the boat with heads hung low to get a tin from the bilge. Luckily he obliged

A lovely walk back along the sea front and back down to the sleepy quayside of lower town to relax once more.

Stay Classy Planet Earth


P.s. One story i forgot to say from aberaeron: On the afternoon when billy first arrived we were standing beside a street waiting for a gap in traffic. all of a sudden a elderly lady thrust her arm into mine and took me across the road saying "here you look like u were once a boy scout, take an old dear across the road" when i hesitated with a car about to hit us she pulled me on "they pay enough road tax they'll stop for us" .... priceless

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