Thursday, 30 May 2013


This is just a quick update to all people invloved. I'm now successfully on my new Mooring at the Folly Inn, Newport Harbour, Isle of Wight, after completing my at times grueling journey from Ynyslas Boatyard, Mid- Wales.

The Final distance on the GPS was 460nm completed in 120hours (to the minute) giving an average speed of just shy of 4knots. 

The Highlights of the journey for me (other than the obvious arrival) were the Dolphins in the Bristol Channel (Video update to come), the time in Harbour with Billy and Rachel in Fishguard and Rounding Lands End on my late Grandpa's birthday.

The Low's included the unfortunate engine troubles of Aberaeron where I was almost willing to give away the boat, and setting off for Lands End after 4 hours sleep after the 26hour journey from Solva to St Ives. 

In total the cloud burnt 70l of diesel, amazingly efficient compared the engine was in use most of the way due to unfavorable winds. Indeed it was cheaper to get home (fuel wise) by the boat than it would have been to get train and ferry tickets!

I will never forget the amazing times I've had, the brilliant people I've met and I'm incredibly Grateful to everyone who made it possible.

Please enjoy this short thank you message to all (if i've missed you i'm sorry but I could only record a 10min message max!) 

There will be an update shortly regarding the Virgin Money Giving site for all who can give, and Video blog and Photo updates.




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