Thursday, 23 May 2013

Taking her home

And so i'm safely anchored in the helford passage. Riding out the tempest that blows outside with the hathes battened down. If ur wondering the location of my blogs solva>here i did some video diarys but unfortunately i've not got the internet atm to upload them... Fingers crossed i find somewhere soon! 

So yesterday i made passage up the Helford Passage and then went up Gweek Creek. The passage to gweek is shallow (0.8m reading on depth sounder many times) and seemed to take forever. Its also incredibly narrow and when you get there there is but a 45min high water when this boat would float at hw on a neap like we had yesterday. 

I also found out it is near on impossible in a high wind once you ground once. And at about 50m from the quay i nearly turned back.

Basically as i passed the seal sanctuary one of my 3keels grounded. With the strong winds this rounded me arse to wind and thus facing the wrong way. So i attempted to manover up river in reverse as the channel wasnt wide enough to turn. Grounded. Got off and saw a lady on a houseboat appearing to wave me to the channel on the opposite side of the boatyard to what i was expecting. I listened to this advice grounded and swar. Upon looking at her with binoculars she was actually holding the back stay of her boat whilst smoking. Not waving. And although she like a mermaid had wooed me onto the rocks... She wasn't a looker!!! So then i started to reverse back, to then find my kayak which id been towing had moved in such a way that the painter found the prop! A 12mm braided rope is no match for a sabb and soon my kayak was free to float off downstream. I made hot persuit and caught her. I then made a final assault at gweek, if id fail that would be it. Luckily i made it! 

And what a spot, the yard still designs and builds fantastic traditional craft, and has everything onsite. Added to that there is every type of boat one could imagine on the quay and all sorts of fab people to chat too... Like ynyslas but bigger!!!

I was however soon whisked away as my step grandmother rosemary had sent her carer to collect me and bring me over. To be honest i wasnt ready but was glad to go and see granny rosemary once more.

In the evening i returned to the yard and went round talking to all the various boats in the yard. Even getting offered a 43ft ferro concrete cutter! For £1500 Quite glad with the cloud i walked away but i wish id had that offer when i first needed a live aboard! 

Next day and an early wake up to try and prepare the boat to see granny rosemary once more now joined by my auntie susie and family. They kindly took me along to fwb in Truro who after queing sometime gave me all the bolts and nuts i need for the engine for free!!! Very kind bloke!!!

From there too Falmouth to get fuel via Penryn where we drove past the waterfront sheds where Golden Cloud was built... Not quite as pretty as gweek but nostalgic none the less!! 

Then arrived back to Gweek and in a mad dash now late for the tide we spun the boat. Took a few photos and then I was off back down the river!

I quickly spun into Porth Navas and too my grandpa's old quay enroute to the anchorage and dually got soaked in a sudden squally hail shower... God bless british summertime!!!

Tomorrow i prep the boat for another trip before and early night and leaving at dawn for Salcombe - Devon, before stopping Lulworth sunday and finally fingers crossed if weather permits making landfall at Alum Bay, Isle of Wight on Monday Afternoon!!!  

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