Tuesday, 18 June 2013

I wasn't expecting that!

So i just wanted a nice quite sail home, raise a bit of money for charity and then quietly sneak up the river medina and watch the isle of wight fesitval with some friends.... thats all i wanted from this trip


Media hype?

I can see why celebs always complain haha!
So I've just spent he last half an hour replying to the derogatory comments on the Daily Mail to save my face abit. As well as to correct the standard inaccuracy in a media article.
But it is lovely and quite exciting, and thankyou to all the people who have congratulated and said lovely things its very kind. 
That said I'm abit annoyed tho that these media moguls couldn't make the effort to just put in one sentence of "I'm raising money for the RNLI and isle of wight Blind donate here...." its not that hard come on...

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Isle of Wight County Press

As many of you may have seen, this weeks county press has a big spread about my return!

In other news i spent a few more hours on Newport Quay working with The Solent News agency as they prepared an article to offer to national newspapers and press. I must admit i really enjoyed the photoshoot, and i will upload the photos as soon as i get them.

The Golden Cloud is now settling into her new life as a boat of pleasure. In the last week a fishing trip with dad off the needles (30mackerel, 12dogfish, 1garfjsh)
then another one with Megan Lawler,
another with Adam Lovegrove and Zoe Lovegrove (9mackerel),
a bbq with my sister, brother in law and nephew,
a fishing trip with Den (2 mackerel 1 pollock) 

And a sail to Bucklers Hard on the beaulie river (4 mackerel enroute) ....

I could get used to this new life!!! Although i appear to be catching less fish each time i go out!!! Lets hope I've not caught all the fish!!!

Friday, 31 May 2013

Were walking with the blind!!

Please note title should be sung in the style of walking in the air, in a simular high pitch to Aled Jones.

So today back on the lovely isle of wight i went Walking with the Isle of Wight Society for the Blind. This is a great project where local visually impared people are taken out into nature for a lovely walk enjoying the isle of wights fantastic scenery. 

This project is one of the things that has helped my dad the most as it gives him time to get out the house, enjoy the landscape, meet other similarly impaired people and more than anything realise that even though sight is gone, you can still achieve alot!

Today mel, the groups leader, had us walk from Compton farm, up towards Mottistone, and back along Afton down before returning on the route via the Freshwater Bay Golf Club. From there we were refreshed by the Sun Inn at Hulverstone. 

This is the second time ive joined a walk with the blind and i must admit even as a fully sighted and able 23 yr old they are great fun. The routes planned give a range of terrain, scenery, and environment both surrounding and underfoot. While the company is second to none! 

Added to this last night i attended a crew night and launch with the Cowes Rnli. The guys there were grateful for my fundraising, very helpful and keen to show me around! I only wish i lived a life settled enough to give some time to them!

So all in all further evidence that i've raised money enroute for a worthy cause!

With that in mind i'm glad to announce that we've finally got a online giving site can now be found at ...

Please donate if you can

Thursday, 30 May 2013


This is just a quick update to all people invloved. I'm now successfully on my new Mooring at the Folly Inn, Newport Harbour, Isle of Wight, after completing my at times grueling journey from Ynyslas Boatyard, Mid- Wales.

The Final distance on the GPS was 460nm completed in 120hours (to the minute) giving an average speed of just shy of 4knots. 

The Highlights of the journey for me (other than the obvious arrival) were the Dolphins in the Bristol Channel (Video update to come), the time in Harbour with Billy and Rachel in Fishguard and Rounding Lands End on my late Grandpa's birthday.

The Low's included the unfortunate engine troubles of Aberaeron where I was almost willing to give away the boat, and setting off for Lands End after 4 hours sleep after the 26hour journey from Solva to St Ives. 

In total the cloud burnt 70l of diesel, amazingly efficient compared the engine was in use most of the way due to unfavorable winds. Indeed it was cheaper to get home (fuel wise) by the boat than it would have been to get train and ferry tickets!

I will never forget the amazing times I've had, the brilliant people I've met and I'm incredibly Grateful to everyone who made it possible.

Please enjoy this short thank you message to all (if i've missed you i'm sorry but I could only record a 10min message max!) 

There will be an update shortly regarding the Virgin Money Giving site for all who can give, and Video blog and Photo updates.




Monday, 27 May 2013

Quick Update

Just a Quicky...

I'm Safely tied up on the Quay in Yarmouth Harbour, Isle of Wight. 500 miles completed. Tomorrow I take my father (who is partially sighted due to loosing his sight with MS and is the reason I raise money for the Blind Society as they help him so much) who will join me for my final leg from Yarmouth to my new mooring at the Folly Inn, The River Medina,  Newport Harbour. 

Tomorrow evening I will bring my laptops etc home and upload all the various video blogs and photos on the  website for you all to browse. 

Apparently I was on Isle of Wight Radio this morning! keep listening out I hear Estelle of the IW Blind has tried to organise lots of Media attention!

Speak soon

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Tweet update

Just left hall sands at start point, near dartmouth cornwall, bound for swanage dorset, tonight i will see the needles lighthouse light... 85miles  to portland cottage (home)

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Taking her home

And so i'm safely anchored in the helford passage. Riding out the tempest that blows outside with the hathes battened down. If ur wondering the location of my blogs solva>here i did some video diarys but unfortunately i've not got the internet atm to upload them... Fingers crossed i find somewhere soon! 

So yesterday i made passage up the Helford Passage and then went up Gweek Creek. The passage to gweek is shallow (0.8m reading on depth sounder many times) and seemed to take forever. Its also incredibly narrow and when you get there there is but a 45min high water when this boat would float at hw on a neap like we had yesterday. 

I also found out it is near on impossible in a high wind once you ground once. And at about 50m from the quay i nearly turned back.

Basically as i passed the seal sanctuary one of my 3keels grounded. With the strong winds this rounded me arse to wind and thus facing the wrong way. So i attempted to manover up river in reverse as the channel wasnt wide enough to turn. Grounded. Got off and saw a lady on a houseboat appearing to wave me to the channel on the opposite side of the boatyard to what i was expecting. I listened to this advice grounded and swar. Upon looking at her with binoculars she was actually holding the back stay of her boat whilst smoking. Not waving. And although she like a mermaid had wooed me onto the rocks... She wasn't a looker!!! So then i started to reverse back, to then find my kayak which id been towing had moved in such a way that the painter found the prop! A 12mm braided rope is no match for a sabb and soon my kayak was free to float off downstream. I made hot persuit and caught her. I then made a final assault at gweek, if id fail that would be it. Luckily i made it! 

And what a spot, the yard still designs and builds fantastic traditional craft, and has everything onsite. Added to that there is every type of boat one could imagine on the quay and all sorts of fab people to chat too... Like ynyslas but bigger!!!

I was however soon whisked away as my step grandmother rosemary had sent her carer to collect me and bring me over. To be honest i wasnt ready but was glad to go and see granny rosemary once more.

In the evening i returned to the yard and went round talking to all the various boats in the yard. Even getting offered a 43ft ferro concrete cutter! For £1500 Quite glad with the cloud i walked away but i wish id had that offer when i first needed a live aboard! 

Next day and an early wake up to try and prepare the boat to see granny rosemary once more now joined by my auntie susie and family. They kindly took me along to fwb in Truro who after queing sometime gave me all the bolts and nuts i need for the engine for free!!! Very kind bloke!!!

From there too Falmouth to get fuel via Penryn where we drove past the waterfront sheds where Golden Cloud was built... Not quite as pretty as gweek but nostalgic none the less!! 

Then arrived back to Gweek and in a mad dash now late for the tide we spun the boat. Took a few photos and then I was off back down the river!

I quickly spun into Porth Navas and too my grandpa's old quay enroute to the anchorage and dually got soaked in a sudden squally hail shower... God bless british summertime!!!

Tomorrow i prep the boat for another trip before and early night and leaving at dawn for Salcombe - Devon, before stopping Lulworth sunday and finally fingers crossed if weather permits making landfall at Alum Bay, Isle of Wight on Monday Afternoon!!!  

Monday, 20 May 2013

Land ho

Just a quick update for followers, fretters and friends. Im 8nm  From st ives and approaching fast! Been a long 26 hour 108 nm passage direct from solva via jack sound but lovely weather and wildlife. Will give full update tomorrow after tieing up and good sleep! 

Friday, 17 May 2013

How to Feel at Home

Talk About being made to feel at home!

And so I arrived into the lovely town of Solva, as the tide filled in I reached the quay. After an hours wait for enough tide to make my way up to the cheaper "Sand Quay" I was greeted by a local gent and his wife walking the quay on a lovely sunny evening. They were incredibly kind and helpful, giving advice on where to go and who to see, they even offered me to come to thier home and dry my clothes... They'd only known me 10 minutes!!!

I declined their home but took up their offer of help re-mooring at Sand Quay. Nothing was too much to them! Something I would soon find is a common piece of being a person in Solva!

Settled on the Quay and completely knackered by my day at sea I fell asleep before I could tidy the boat, and didn't wake up till well into the morning!

Once up I followed the advice and made my way to the Cafe on the Quay run by Solva Boat Owners Club. Well what a lovely place! Tea and exquist cakes galore, amazing views across the harbour and incredibly reasonably priced. Once again they did everything they could to help me and offered me ten times more than that! While there I got chatting to the Solva Stitch and Bitch Club. This group of lovely ladies meet up to knit and natter, and sell their produce to raise funds for charity! Once again they were incredibly interested in everything and gave a generous donation to the Charity Causes.

After the chat I started working on sorting myself out the replacement laptop and getting my phone repaired. Basically attacking Ebay and Apple store from all angles. Sadly I was reminded in this experience of why I changed phones and why one has a laptop... using a dodgy old phone with poor signal makes getting stuff sorted near on impossible. To try to make situations better I Made my way to the Harbour Inn, I had lunch while taking advantage of their wifi and enjoying the advice from locals and staff. In all honesty they were lucky to not get hit with my absolutely useless old phone so stressed I was with it repeatedly crashing. So I ordered apple crumble to make me feel better!

Crumble devoured, and permission to get the replacement laptop delivered to the pub I headed back to the Cafe. Seeing me stressing I was offered other peoples phones to borrow, an Ipad, and a lovely cup of tea. (behind electronic failures the biggest expediture on this trip has probably been tea!) They also gave me a Ice Cream tub to make into a shaking tin for the Charities. Finally I called my Technophobe mother who with together we managed to order the new laptop ... Congratulations mum!

Releaved I returned to the Boat and made a board to put on the quay with the shake tin explaining the boat and the charity's and where I'm going. I hung this by the boat before returning to the Cafe for more lovely tea.

In the evening I shaved and showered (for what seemed the first time in ages) and put on my gladrags before heading off to my 4th Ship inn (if you include the ship and castle Aber) for the Quiz with one of the ladies of the Stitch and Bitch. I was gladly welcomed into their winning quiz team and introduced to more incredibly friendly and helpful people of Solva (for a small village its full of such people!) Sadly we finished just off first place and won nothing on the raffle but it was lovely to meet all the people. The landlord also made a big effort to help me find crew for the trip. 

Back to bed and again slept like a log.

In the morning I ran up the hill and jumped onto the Haverfordwest bus. In Haverfordwest I headed to the Station. Off to Cardiff to repair/replace the phone and see my old friend Toby. At Haverfordwest Station I met someone who's kindness and enjoyable conversations gave Solva and Aberaeron a run for their money. With a hour wait between Bus and Train I went to The Platform One Diner, a lovely small cafe run by a great bloke, who once again helped in anyway he could, and donated to the charitys. A Big Breakfast inside and a lovely cuppa tea, then onto the train to Cardiff. Enroute I route planned the tides and bearings round to St Ives... God its a long way! I'm so excited!

Into Cardiff and I had a fab conversation with a girl in the street who was herself raising money for Dogs for the Blind... Shame I don't have any money to give her! Then to the Apple store where I was informed Water damage was the cause (THE PHONE WAS RUSTY INSIDE! They must use rubbish metal compared how much an iphone costs) and it was £140 (that mums kindly lent me) to replace it... I think it will be in the I-Dry permanently now!

In the evening I caught the train back to Porth Cawl to meet Toby. We went out to the Waterfront Pub on the seafront, and had a lovely dinner with England staring me straight in the face, and incredibly close, it only excited me more for the voyage ahead! Back on the train in the morning back to Haverfordwest - where I popped back in to meet my new friends at Platform One, who seemed incredibly pleased to see me, before dashing back to Solva.

Back in Solva I hopefully dropped into the Harbour Inn to see if the Laptop had arrived in time for me to catch the next tide, alas it had not. Not deterred I headed back to the boat and finally met the Harbour Master! And not to disappoint he fitted the Solva formula of a lovely person only too willing to help, He even gave me a discount on the very reasonable harbour fees. After working out with the harbour master what my best plans were i ran back to the Harbour inn to see if my laptop was around just in time for the end of the tide. It had but by the time I was back I realised I was about half an hour too late to meet the tide at Skomer's Jack Sound and so I have to wait another day. 

And so the rest of the day I spent in the Quay Cafe setting up the new laptop for the route ahead just finding enough dongle signal to download the nessasary bits and bobs. Through the afternoon I talked to various passers by and cafe patrons getting numerous generous donations and lovely conversations. A great conversation came from one couple of Milford on Sea - New Forest, another who knew Freshwater Isle of Wight incredibly well, and the generous and lovely Lesley and Howard. Then I said my goodbyes to the lady who runs the Cafe who gave me another big donation for the charitys, 

In the evening I returned to the Harbour Inn for a big filling Dinner feeling it apt to pay them back as much as I could for their help in the acquiring the laptop before an early night and preparing for my departure in the morning. 

Can this Gorgeous, Lovely village of Pembrokshire be surpassed by what I find in Cornwall? I hope so but somehow I doubt it.

Fishguard to Solva

Sorry for the slow reply, and sorry for lack of pictures atm in this blog, i'm sending it off phone so people dont worry.

Safely into the port of solva awaiting spares and repairs before continueing to st ives cornwall.

So the days passage from Fishguard started bright and breezy. A fresh wind off the land we (myself and Mick Ynyslas's friend Bill... Equipped with a lovely trumpet!) set our sails as we rounded Fishguard north breakwater. We zoomed a lot faster than expected up to Strumble head making 4.5kn. Then as we hit the tidal races and different winds of Strumble the boat stalled. All our joy for earlier speed made us arrive early for the tide. For the best part of an hour we sat at the head beating into a head tide making lots of speed through the water but nothing over ground on the gps. 

The sea here was very confused and in a sudden sway the kettle flew off and attacked the laptop. Laptop no 2 now dead. So so-far 2 laptops an iphone and a gps murdered by the helpless sea.

After what seemed an eternity the tide loosened its grip and we watched as out speed over the ground gradually rose 0kn. 0.5kn 1kn and then we were free and flying at 3 to 5kn!

Half way to st davids head with Bill (who informed me before we left he couldn't sleep at sea) fast asleep i had my first collision course situation. A fishing boat steamed straight across our path, me being the give way vessel and realising a by the book alteration to starboard would just worsen situations altered course to port, and kept checking with binoculars. The boat acted disturbingly, sailing at me and occasionally round in circles. Un sure if there was even people onboard as i could see no one, i approached with caution (incase the fisherman had been dragged overboard by his pots, blew horns (startling Bill) and finally someone popped up it appears they were only looking for pots not where they left them. So onto st davids we went.

Enroute in the monotony of this sail i had the joy of being joined by gannets. These big majestic birds, who wear a superhero like eye make up, followed us for large parts of the coast. Gorgeous!

Then the final approach to Ramsey, a gaff cutter passed us on a northerly passage looking very beaten with sailed heavily reefed, a marine weather forecast with force 10's for st davids head and south, and knowing we were an hour late for the perfect tide so the sound would be running fast... We entered with much trepidation.

The sky grew darker as we rounded st davids head, the infamous numerous rocks, reefs, bishops, clerks and bitches rose through the drizzle, i looked down at the gps speedo, although the engine was taking us at 3kn we were doing 6 with tide and rising.

Passing the head the seas grew huge and confused we had commanding views from above wave peaks suddenly cut to a few meters in the troughs. This high sea was short lived as we made our way into the sound the sea calmed but the tide raced. 

2 lifeboats waited at anchor on the edge of the sound (did they know something we didn't, had my worried mum phoned in advance) we started to really fly, we sped past the infamous bitches at 8kn with the engine barely past tick over, here the tide funnelled raced further, sog for a moment hit 10kn, standing waves formed in the current. I spotted a gap in the waves to slow waters, we went for it.

At this moment on our starboard bow a porpoise rose, riding the waves it swam for us an rose on the otherside! Almost instantaneously a gannet was diving for fish in the turbulent waters. Apparently they dislocate there wings to dive at such a speed, this hardly surprising as the speed was phenomenal! Gleaming white comets! 

 I made the call that Solva was far enough for me and so we began our inshore passage to port. Bill got us to circle a few times first as he wanted a closer look at a fishing boat plying its trade. Basically with unbelievable local know how and seamanship he gained speed on an edie of the big tidal race then darted round the bitches to carry on up the coast against the current... Fair play!

We dodged a plethora of barely marked lobster pots as we approached the rocks that marked Solva. Now low tide here we slowly navigated into the harbour mouth and almost immediately ground on the sandy bottom. Anchors away, the second rowed out on the kayak, we made tea and ate lunch.glad to be safe. I radioed Milford Haven Coastguard to tell we'd made it safely into the harbour mouth, to which they told me i "must get in before the impending strong winds". After a blast on his trumpet Bill went ashore, sat on my lap in the kayak and said his goodbyes.

As afternoon became evening, i slowly edged up the channel. On the final bend before safety i ground on only 1 of the 3 keels. The wind then spun me 180 and with such a small channel to turn i had no choice but to reverse up to the quay... What a sight i must have been!!

Safely tied alongside and day complete i soon crashed to sleep. God i was knackered!

Monday, 13 May 2013

Farewell Fishguard?

Firstly sorry for the wait on the new blogs, basically it's hard to tell myself readers of this would want to read about "and so I slept till midday, went to coop and tied on a bit of cargo net whilst leaning against the wall" god being storm bound when your on an adventure like this is dire!

And so I'm making my final preparations to leave Fishguard, It's been too long although I really like this town now... I've had a great time!

Mind you at sea for 18 days, 16 of which have had force 6 or higher in the forecast (plus a few 9's)... what a May this has been!

Tomorrow however forecast gratefully says West or SW 3/4... Thank god

Sadly however the forecast for St Davids Head and South which is where i'm planning to be tomorrow evening says ".... becoming 8 later" Fingers crossed thats just in the Scilly Isles (where that forecast region goes to)

So ideally tomorrow evening i will write to you from Milford Haven, but in all honesty I expect I will go through Ramsey Sound, admire the puffins and then go into the darling harbour of Solva, I went as a child and I still have the scars to prove it! (I basically in desperation to catch a mullet tried to chase em up a slate bed harbour into a net... caught no mullet, cut open my foot)

I'm really looking forward to tomorrows trip which although technically challenging with strong and complex tidal systems, and the infamous Ramsey Sound. Infamous for it's beauty, its wildlife and tidal currents and whirlpools... and a pretty set of rocks right in the way kindly called "the bitches"

Since I last spoke the "plastics" (a name for some reason they didnt find as appealing as i'd hoped) of Stu and Sarah have departed onwards on their trip round the uk... If you'd like to hear some more interesting sailing stories from a much better and better prepared boat i'd highly reccomend their blog at http://www.roundbritainwithabottleofscotch.com/

They heading northward, with a much larger boat could continue when the winds were meerly force 7 while i waited for a 4/5!

Before I left they kindly agree'd to let me study (and copy) their extensive library of pilot books, something I will no doubt be grateful for in the long run... bloody expensive those things. They're a lovely couple and I learnt alot from them Fingers crossed when we both make it back to the Solent we can meet up once more!

So as they handed my tyres back and sailed off into the sunset I went back down below, with Rachel now gone too, I collapsed knackered and relieved  It's lovely to have friends about but some own time is lovely too... and in the confines of a boat with 1 extra onboard or someone just on the quay (even the passers by) it can be a life with no privacy or me time.

I must admit I had a fab time with Rachel. We played beach football, boules, mud fights, long walks and it was great fun. Shes bloody crazy mind... swimming in the harbour on high water when the waters only 9 degrees!

On her final night to try to pay her back for "coming on a sailing weekend" with it all being in the harbour, we weighed anchor and sailed off round the coast to visit a little harbour/bay of Aber Hesgwm. With the strong cold winds I left the sails down for ease and let Rachel take the helm which she did with great skill and enjoyment, dodging the lobster pots which seemed to be everywhere some only marked with tennis balls!!

On her final morning we walked in the general direction of strumble head but only made a cairn where we could see it. God I was glad not to be at sea that day god it was windy! Lovely countryside here tho!

Since I've worked away at further preperations for sea on the cloud, various bits of Cargo net and altering bits and bobs etc. I must admit I feel more ready for sea than ever before, but we'll see tomorrow.... You can never be fully prepared!

Tomorrow Bill - A friend of Mick's, arrives at dawn and we sail for Strumble Head to catch the outgoing tide to shoot down to Ramsey... Fingers crossed the stories of this coasts beauty come true!

A full blog should be expected tomorrow with pictures and stories of a eventful trip!

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Fishguard day 4/5

On the 4th day i was woken by Billy preparing to leave. It's a long walk to the Train station, and I had said i'd walk with... however, Billy said I was ok to go back to sleep... and who was I to argue!

As the day progressed I got to work with various little tasks about town, abit of food shopping, looking if the chandlerers could mend my faulty radio, going for a swim. In the Afternoon I came back to the quay to find Golden Cloud being bashed into the Quay wall with the ferocious wind which had started early... Awaiting the arrival of the new Crew in Rachel Parker, I tried to wait as long as possible, until a final bang put me over the edge. Soon we were untied and ready to leave. Just as I prepared a lovely albeit Plastic yacht came in behind me. Seeing the boats majestic beauty i offered my tyres to protect her hull... they were gladly taken!

Underwater Rubbish  now wanted by a second boat of much higher standards!

I then walked the cloud up into the corner of the harbour and with one stout push pushed her nose in and her bum out. A shot of the engine reversed me out in magnificent professionalism. Soon I was across the bay and  anchoring in my new little cove... a sandy beach in the lee of Fishguard town still within the harbour. As evening came in I rigged up the 3 anchors and a pully from the kayak to shore, so as Rachel could pull herself across if required.

Soon a large majestic old working boat arrived, I believe I later found out to be an East Coast Smack, we'd seen it out in the bay sheltering for some time but tonight they were staying on the Quay wall... I'm glad i'd moved off wouldnt like to be near that!!!

So, safely anchored, I tootled over to the quay and met the friends on the "plastic" boat, who although half way thru dinner welcomed me in with open arms and a can of cider. Once dinner was finished we all jumped aboard the big old ship and had a nosey. Sarah and Stu of "plastic" seemed to know the people of the old wooden boat, Sarah having history in old old wooden ships. Just as i'd settled down in the brilliant scenery of the old boat I got a txt from Rachel saying she'd be in Fishguard soon so I ran back to the boat and prepared dinner.

Soon she was on the kayak and pully system  and Aboard. Tuna Curry for dinner and a game of Monopoly (which i won by £1500) and an early night.

In the morning we woke to the boat drying out on the beach. We then donned our survival suits and headed up to town to see the sights of fishguard.

We looked like right pillocks but had big smiles on our faces and warm dry clothes... unlike the rest of Fishguard.

First we went up to the Town Hall to use the toilets, before going through the town Market ...apparently looking inappropriately dressed...
Rachel getting out the boat in her Muck Boots... Majestically

From the market we went to a little cafe called "The Pantry" for brunch. The couple who run it were fantastically kind and friendly, while they and other customers seemed very interested in our journey. We wrote oue postcards for family and friends, before getting ready to leave after lovely tea and pastys. On realising we'd made quite a puddle in the shop we appologised profusely and left.

From here we walked on to Goodwick to try to sort out train tickets for rachel's return trip. You wouldnt believe how bad the weather was walking across the 
open Goodwick Marsh area. Horizontal Monsoonal Rains. On the plus side we found a small helterskelter which in our onezie suits and the torrential rain was super speedy!!

Miserable Goodwick

And so we trudged down to the ferry terminal only to find that u cannot buy or pick up tickets for trains in fishguard, only in Haverford West - 15 miles away! Not really an option when ur on foot/boat.

So back we went towards the boat. we stopped at tesco for supplies befpre we split - Rachel to go swimming me back to the boat - and almost instantly the day changed dramatically to significantly better weather! Thank God for that!

Rachel with food in the rain

I can see clearly now the rain has gone

The old old wooden ship

The Plastic Boat on the Quay

GC on her beach

In the afternoon Rachel Returned (swimming pool was booked) and so she went for a kayak around the coast instead, while i got on with some maintenance work on the boat. Big thankyou to Ally Evans here who gave an old wet suit for use as seals on GC but so far unused for purpose it fitted rachel for her kayak!

As evening came i collected up my chart work materials and we headed off to the Ship Inn once more, meeting Stu and Sarah enroute to chat through leg to Milford. The Guys lent me thier pilot book and we settled down to a beverage, with a lovely chat to add to it with the fab people who were also frequenting the bar. As 1030 came we finished off our drinks and Rachel anf i headed back to GC. Unfortunatly when we arrived we found that the tide was too low for the kayak and too high to walk across, so we trudged up the hill to the Royal Oak pub in upper town for a nice half and some (very salty) crisps...

Another great day and time for bed.

Nos da