Friday, 31 May 2013

Were walking with the blind!!

Please note title should be sung in the style of walking in the air, in a simular high pitch to Aled Jones.

So today back on the lovely isle of wight i went Walking with the Isle of Wight Society for the Blind. This is a great project where local visually impared people are taken out into nature for a lovely walk enjoying the isle of wights fantastic scenery. 

This project is one of the things that has helped my dad the most as it gives him time to get out the house, enjoy the landscape, meet other similarly impaired people and more than anything realise that even though sight is gone, you can still achieve alot!

Today mel, the groups leader, had us walk from Compton farm, up towards Mottistone, and back along Afton down before returning on the route via the Freshwater Bay Golf Club. From there we were refreshed by the Sun Inn at Hulverstone. 

This is the second time ive joined a walk with the blind and i must admit even as a fully sighted and able 23 yr old they are great fun. The routes planned give a range of terrain, scenery, and environment both surrounding and underfoot. While the company is second to none! 

Added to this last night i attended a crew night and launch with the Cowes Rnli. The guys there were grateful for my fundraising, very helpful and keen to show me around! I only wish i lived a life settled enough to give some time to them!

So all in all further evidence that i've raised money enroute for a worthy cause!

With that in mind i'm glad to announce that we've finally got a online giving site can now be found at ...

Please donate if you can

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