Sunday, 5 May 2013

Fishguard - A town of 2 sides

Fishguard - A town of 2 Sides.
And so the morning we woke rocking about in the swell just off Goodwick Sands infront of the Ferry terminal. As i got up and did some of the final checks on the engine i should have done the night before I got thinking, this is really not a lovely little welsh town, I hope we can leave soon.
Soon Billy was up and we had plenty of tide. After a potato, tuna and peppers curry, we raised anchor and prepared to go. We started to pootle accross to the Vistors moorings of Fishguard "lower town" the more traditional port of the town. As we left almost instantly a hoard of dragon boats swung into the bay excatly across our route. I got billy  to ease off the throttle to save us cutting up the race, while i tidied the anchor up front.
As we came into Lower Town Harbour we saw the plethora of gorgeous coves and caves surrounding it, and a sleepy little town behind it. Sadly the boat race ment our mooring was taken up by dragon boats, so we pulled up a swing mooring while watching the next race come to its finish. While on the mooring we charged the batterys off the engine and got to work on painting the Blog Website on the decks to hopefully get some punters to help the charity causes via the website.
While billy painted in the afternoon i went for a kayak around the bay. The Caves were awesome to behold, some many meters deep. I stopped many times im amazement at how lucky I was too be there. Enroute i picked up a good few limpets and periwinkles to make a bit of a foraged dinner.
I raced the final race of the dragon boats back into the harbour on my kayak, needless to say they won and won well. Once back alongside the boat we got ourselves prepared and as the dragon boats cleared away we set ourselves onto the mooring on the harbour wall for the night.
I spent the evening sat legs danging off the kayak painting the name on the bow of the boat before me and billy retired to "The Ship" pub in the old village... a very old worldly and lovely pub...
What a lovely pub, a lovely afternoon, and how lucky we are that we moved from Modern fishguard to Old Fishguard!
Nos Da

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