Monday, 13 May 2013

Farewell Fishguard?

Firstly sorry for the wait on the new blogs, basically it's hard to tell myself readers of this would want to read about "and so I slept till midday, went to coop and tied on a bit of cargo net whilst leaning against the wall" god being storm bound when your on an adventure like this is dire!

And so I'm making my final preparations to leave Fishguard, It's been too long although I really like this town now... I've had a great time!

Mind you at sea for 18 days, 16 of which have had force 6 or higher in the forecast (plus a few 9's)... what a May this has been!

Tomorrow however forecast gratefully says West or SW 3/4... Thank god

Sadly however the forecast for St Davids Head and South which is where i'm planning to be tomorrow evening says ".... becoming 8 later" Fingers crossed thats just in the Scilly Isles (where that forecast region goes to)

So ideally tomorrow evening i will write to you from Milford Haven, but in all honesty I expect I will go through Ramsey Sound, admire the puffins and then go into the darling harbour of Solva, I went as a child and I still have the scars to prove it! (I basically in desperation to catch a mullet tried to chase em up a slate bed harbour into a net... caught no mullet, cut open my foot)

I'm really looking forward to tomorrows trip which although technically challenging with strong and complex tidal systems, and the infamous Ramsey Sound. Infamous for it's beauty, its wildlife and tidal currents and whirlpools... and a pretty set of rocks right in the way kindly called "the bitches"

Since I last spoke the "plastics" (a name for some reason they didnt find as appealing as i'd hoped) of Stu and Sarah have departed onwards on their trip round the uk... If you'd like to hear some more interesting sailing stories from a much better and better prepared boat i'd highly reccomend their blog at http://www.roundbritainwithabottleofscotch.com/

They heading northward, with a much larger boat could continue when the winds were meerly force 7 while i waited for a 4/5!

Before I left they kindly agree'd to let me study (and copy) their extensive library of pilot books, something I will no doubt be grateful for in the long run... bloody expensive those things. They're a lovely couple and I learnt alot from them Fingers crossed when we both make it back to the Solent we can meet up once more!

So as they handed my tyres back and sailed off into the sunset I went back down below, with Rachel now gone too, I collapsed knackered and relieved  It's lovely to have friends about but some own time is lovely too... and in the confines of a boat with 1 extra onboard or someone just on the quay (even the passers by) it can be a life with no privacy or me time.

I must admit I had a fab time with Rachel. We played beach football, boules, mud fights, long walks and it was great fun. Shes bloody crazy mind... swimming in the harbour on high water when the waters only 9 degrees!

On her final night to try to pay her back for "coming on a sailing weekend" with it all being in the harbour, we weighed anchor and sailed off round the coast to visit a little harbour/bay of Aber Hesgwm. With the strong cold winds I left the sails down for ease and let Rachel take the helm which she did with great skill and enjoyment, dodging the lobster pots which seemed to be everywhere some only marked with tennis balls!!

On her final morning we walked in the general direction of strumble head but only made a cairn where we could see it. God I was glad not to be at sea that day god it was windy! Lovely countryside here tho!

Since I've worked away at further preperations for sea on the cloud, various bits of Cargo net and altering bits and bobs etc. I must admit I feel more ready for sea than ever before, but we'll see tomorrow.... You can never be fully prepared!

Tomorrow Bill - A friend of Mick's, arrives at dawn and we sail for Strumble Head to catch the outgoing tide to shoot down to Ramsey... Fingers crossed the stories of this coasts beauty come true!

A full blog should be expected tomorrow with pictures and stories of a eventful trip!

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  1. Great blog. Glad to hear you've finally left Fishguard. As you said, lovely place but one can have too much of it! Hope the trip down to Milford Haven has been a success.

    We're now in Conwy having had a ride through Puffin Sound which tested Caol Ila to the max. 40ft seas in only 50ft of water was quite exciting!

    Best wishes for your onward journey. Look forward to catching up when we are both back in The Solent.

    The Plastics.