Saturday, 21 January 2012

Its not all fun and games

The Golden Cloud 21/01/12

Its really not all fun and games.

I bet reading the past blogs your thinking, my god he's having such an amazing time. Well right now I'm most certainly not.

Now part of this is self induced but alot of it I can't get away from.

So yesterday I was nursing my hangover from my birthday night before. I was trying to get alot done with a blog entry, a job application, and a clean up to do.... well you can see by the way yesterday's blog wasn't posted till this morning that just didn't happen. Headache and doing work don't work well together.

Now something that improved my mood somewhat was the yard owner inviting me round for dinner, after dinner came rum cocktails, I should have quit while I was ahead.

But I gleefully drank my cocktails, in fact I pretty much downed them, due to the adrenaline and shakes running through my body. As the owner's boxer dog, really didn't like me.... there's some new holes in my shoes which can vouch for me!

So needless to say I got very pissed, and today I'm nursing another hangover!

On board and hungover with lots of work to be doing don't mix very well. 

First issue, when your hungover, and your on a boat, the rafters you've learnt to avoid suddenly start hitting you again. All I want at the moment is silence, a dark room, snuggled up warm inside a duvet on a sofa. I have none of these. The wind is causing the tarpauline and masts on nearby boats to make so much noise. Then I'm shook every 5 minutes as the big gusts make the boat rock.

Then I need to clean. So I need some hot water... oh I've run out of water in the camel bag, so I have to unhook the bag, untie the tarp, get through the tarp and walk to the tap to refil the bag. Then I come onboard and have to turn on the gas bottle, and fill a kettle, and leave that to boil for a while. Then when I test if the waters hot enough with my finger. Its too hot. To which by reflex I jump back, causing me to hit my head on the rafters once more.

Meanwhile I get back to the washing up, and then realise I have to clean the work tops, as because of the issue I'm having with the woodburner blowing back smoke, everything is covered in soot. Thats another thing adding to the headache, the copious volumes of smoke i've breathed in over the last few days.

Then you want to clean up and before you can do anything you have to move everything round as with the limited space there's always something in the way. Suddenly after a big gust making a horrific noise on the tarp, a moment of calm, then you hear the boatbuilders drilling some metal, AHHHHH BLOODY NOISE!

Today I wanted to see some mates in aber, but now i've had to cancel, as the jobs that in a house would have taken 20min, have taken over an hour. This with the buses being infrequent and taking the best part of 40minutes, and your body telling me that cycling won't happen today. Mean that although you got up at 8 (woken by the bloody cockrel and the noise of the tarp), its coming to half 11 and you've still got lots of work to do before you can go, and you've got to be in work at 3!

All I can say is thank god I'm night porter tonight, means a nice warm quite bed, with smokeless heat and a soft pillow! Thats the stuff dreams are made of!

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