Saturday, 21 January 2012

Boat Party!

The Golden Cloud 20/01/2012


And so yesterday was my first birthday on-board the Golden Cloud. This meant only one thing, BOAT PARTY!

Thanks to my parents coming up a few days previous I had been able to stock up on a few things to finish off the boat and make it more party friendly. They also brought with them deck skittles (I had been given as a birthday present many years back by Auntie Carol) and cake... the ultimate combination!

Keith from uni, gave me a lift back to the yard, (stopping off at a supermarket enroute to pick up cider, gin and tonic!) Before I got straight back to get the Cawl on the stove!

Joe's Cawl Recipie

cut the following into chunks and brown off in a hot frying pan with olive oil (in this order)
1 onion
1/2 a leek
1 carrot
1 parsnip
1 turnip
1 beetroot
handful of mushrooms
3 rashes of bacon
a fist sized piece of gammon
a fist sized piece of lamb
1 potatoe

add to the stock pot, after browning, and add an equal measure of red wine and water
bring to the boil then leave simmering
add mint, tarragon, and 2 leaves of sliced cabbage

leave to cook for as many hours as possible.

Once that was done I got to work sorting out the party games ... deck skittles (see on the floor in image) and a rudimentary version of deck quoits... (5 beer bottles and 3 loops of rope)

Soon enough the boys arrived, and the party began... needless to say the cawl and then a desert of stewed apples and ice cream went down a treat!

Max won the deck skittles by a mile (final score of 21 compared to Matt's 2)
and I can't remember who won quoits... all I know is it wasn't me!

It was a bit cramped in there but a great night!

right i best get off to nurse the hangover.... speak soon

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