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Come Fly With Me

Come Fly With Me!

The Golden Cloud 03/02/2014

Flying down the motorways of Denmark we started to realise that time was running out. We had about the same amount of driving to do as time before our flight and we hadnt slept properly for 24hrs. Enroute we decided to try our luck in the town of Arhus for a ferry to cut the corner to the island with Copenhagen. On arrival we found the ferry not too dear, and one leaving that evening, added to that as a cargo ferry you got a Free Cup of Coffee, and so into Alun’s primordial soup of a thermos flask went 2 free coffee’s!

With a few hours before the ferry Alun and I made our way into the town centre, and via chatting up the receptionist, we both had 15minutes in the most gorgeous Hotel toilets I’ve ever seen, in the Gold, Brass and Marble encrusted Royal Hotel

 After this we walked the gorgeous streets between stunning old buildings, and then downgraded slightly and went to McDonalds for dinner and free wifi!

Back to the van and we waited till our mid night ferry by cleaning the van and swapping gear from bag to bag to even everyone out to 20kg for the Flight to Greenland.
I was amazed to find how little alun took with him, but little was I to know how much he stored in a container in Uummannaq, another in Kangerlussuaq, on Gambo and at Uummannaq Polar Institute, and his reputation for travelling over-light, for example once camping on an ice sheet with a childs sleeping bag!

Cleaning out and packing the van on the dock of the bay
We boarded the ferry to find ourselves the only non-commercial people onboard, I went upstairs to stretch my legs while Alun went to sleep in the van. Upstairs I found only one member of staff who seemed incredibly amazed to see anyone walking upstairs on the ferry, I think I startled her quite badly! For a while she even followed me, I think checking I wasn’t a ghost!
I then found a lovely sofa and slept till we arrived on the otherside. After allowing the boystrous lorrys to get off the ferry first, we drove on through the darkness, to make a final assault on Copenhagen!

We were definitely parked on the front right corner beneath those lorrys

I soon returned to my slumber only waking as Alun parked the van in a random suburb of Copenhagen (I eventually found out it was the street on of Aber Uni’s Doctors had once lived in, and thus he felt he could trust the neighbourhood). Soon we were back asleep for the 2hours before we had to get the train to the airport.

And so we jogged from the van left in this sneaky suburb... the bikes were unlocked so we presumed we could trust it.... and jumped onto the first train. 

About 5 minutes later we arrived at Copenhagen Central, this big bussling central station gave us little clue of where to go but we soon found a platform. Here we were told by a couple of people that the train was running very late and we should get the metro. Having no idea where to get the metro from we waited for the late train.

Alun Confused by Copenhagen Central's dissy lights!
And then we were there at the airport. We sat down sadly the cafe's weren't open in time for breakfast, and I had a coke while Alun raided the Duty Free for the Winter's supply of alcohol! As we approached our departure gate we met up with Tom Clarke of ITN News and his film crew. They were joining us in Greenland for the first week to make a special report for C4 News. We said our hello's and then boarded the plane....

To be continued!

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