Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Economy Pretentious-ness

Economy Pretentious-ness
The Golden Cloud 28/3/12

Long time no blog!

Over the last month I've been very busy, and the boat has drifted into a back seat (sadly). For some strange reason this master student, has put the masters in the driving seat over the yacht!... Weird... Something was definitely up! 

Oh yeah, its cos I get to do fieldwork with my mates in the most beautiful scenery in the world. Thats why I don't have time for a yacht :P

As stated in the last update, the hotel gave me the oportunity to escape the yacht, have a warm bed, shower etc. and in all honesty it seemed the simple option.

However, a month of being in the hotel made me realise that i'd lulled myself into thinking this was the best option when in all honesty it was a good go between. It has many issues

a) I was kinda taking the piss of my boss. 

b) one of the main ideas of the hotel was that I was in town for seeing people, but with having to be at the hotel at 11 every night for work (sober) I'd only been out once in a month....Uni students just can't give you 10 days notice of a night out.

c) I'm in this to save money, and what with leaving the boat unattended (leading to it damaging itself) and ending up getting takeaway or ready meal most nights, I was spending more and getting worse food.

What turned everything was a trip by chance back to the boat the other week.
I'd left it too long and in the end by the time I had returned, the mast spreader had snapped, the tarpaulin had ripped, the chimney had leaked, and as a combination of the above the boat was damp and mouldy.

The trip was superseded by subsequent days of fantastic weather. Thus it was inevitable that I'd find myself back aboard... It's days like this one owns a yacht for!

So I've been back and forth recently to improve her ready to move back on-board. And today was the day, the move back really began.

In glorious Welsh sunshine I've scrubbed the boat fore to aft, re-rigged the tarpaulin, and cleaned every inch inside to clear the mould.

That will teach me a lesson for leaving my mistress the best part of alone for a month.

To round off the evening though I went for a spot of class. I'd picked up some Oysters, and had them Killarney Style with Gin & Tonics, followed by a french chicken casserole with a glass (mug) of red, all eaten in the cabin of my yacht as the sun went down.

Oysters, G&T on my yacht.... ok that sounds pretentious. But listen, its not a expensive exercise. Oysters cost 60p each, the gin and tonic were both from lidl, and the yacht well you all know how cheap that was (if you don't read previous blogs!)

Plus on today's work to earn it...

So yeah... Economy Pretentious.


Long may the sun continue.

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